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Wealth Management


Wealth Management

Thinking of investing? The first thing you need to do is work out what your personal and financial goals are… by identifying the things in life that are important to you for example… 

  • Owning a house
  • Starting a family
  • Having enough for the kids’ education

These questions will help you work out the lifestyle you want, and the amount of money you’ll need to achieve it.
Understanding your goals is the basis for developing your investment or financial plan.
Creating wealth can begin with just a small saving which you can regularly add to on a regular basis, This is called a Savings Plan using Dollar Cost Averaging. You can invest in Managed Fund. Managed Funds are for those people who do not know very much about the Stock Market. This method is popular for those starting out and for those parents or grandchildren investing for a child’s education.  

What is a managed fund, and how does it work?

A managed fund combines your money with that of other investors to form a single investment pool.
Specialist investment managers then invest the money on behalf of the investors in a single asset class, or a range of asset classes.
The beauty of managed funds is that the client is able to choose the type of fund they wish to invest in from a wide range of asset classes – including shares, property, fixed interest and cash.
Managed funds offer a range of benefits including:

  • Diversification – invest across a range of asset classes
  • Access to experts – who make and manage the investments on your behalf
  • Convenience – paperwork and administration is handled by your fund manager
  • Access to major investment classes – a managed fund can give you across to international and local investment opportunities
  • Economies of scale – managed funds possess buying power when the dollars of investors are pooled together which may not be available to the individual.

By investing in a managed fund, you can benefit from a diversified portfolio beyond what most investors could achieve themselves. You can also save yourself the time, cost and effort of managing your portfolio.

Clarity   :- The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary can speak.

Value    :- The measurement of the benefit that will be gained

Trust    :- Trust is built by many small actions overtime.