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Business Succession Planning


A well structured business succession plan is essential to ensure the smooth transition of business ownership . It also provides certainty to the other parties with a Binding buy/sell agreement. The following insurable events can be covered by Death, Total and Permanent Disability , Critical Illness and Key Person Insurance.

These insurances can be placed no matter what the structure.

Keyman Insurance

As the name suggests its insurance for the key person or persons in the business. The business received the payout from Keyman Insurance in event of the key person through an event such as Death, Total and Permanent Disability or Critical Illness. Its insures the human asset the keyman or key women.

Business Expenses

Business Insurance is to protect the equipment and machinery in your business. It may also provide you with insurance if your premises is damaged or destroyed by fire or flood or other natural disaster. It includes stock, equipment and premises.

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