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Age Care


When A family member needs to go into Age Care. The family have so many questions. We can answer all your questions we provide advice, guidance, we fill in all the paperwork. We work out if there money and assets are enough to pay all their fees for the time they are in Age Care. We want you to look after your loved one going to care.

When a loved one requires placement into Age Care it can be a very stressful and time consuming for the family. We are Sovereign Advice can take the hassle and worry out of it for you. We can give the family a number of options for your loved one entering Age Care and we can also find a place for Mother or Father. We pride ourselves on offering a quick service so you can make your decisions in a timely matter.

Age Care Advice What You Need To Know?

At Sovereign Advice we can assist by:-

  • Assist the family decide whether, to keep, sell or rent the family home
  • Find a placement in an Age Care Facility suitable to the your parent and the family
  • Ensure your loved can afford the Age Care Facility chosen
  • Decide the best payment method ie pay all Residential Accommodation Deposit or pay by
  • way of DAP or a combination of both or other strategies
  • Improve your Centrelink /DVA pension payments
  • Have an inheritance for your children


An ACAT assessment is performed by Health Professionals who could include Social Works, Nurses, Doctors, Social Worker, Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist

If you need help at home are considering a move into Residential Age Care you will first need free assessment with a member of a Age Care Assessment Team. A member of the ACAT Team will visit your Mother or Father usually in their own home about your current situation and work out if they are eligible for government subsidised Age Care Services.

The Assessment can help you identify the type of services you will be eligible for in the Age care home.

Each Age Care Facility you are interested in entering will request to see your ACAT Assessment as it will determine whether the particular facility will have the nursing capacity to look after you.

The ACAT Professional my request further information from your General Practitioner.

The Age Care Facility who you have chosen and who accepts you elderly person will also require a Medication List and Medical Report from your Doctor.

Age Care Terminology

Residental Accommodation Deposit is the new word for Accommodation Bond. It is the upfront amount of the Age Care Facility is asking for. You have options with payment.


Daily Accommodation Payment Deposit is the regular rental payment. It is paid at the rate set by the government.


is paid as a Daily Accommodation Payment. The interest rate the last few years has been between 6 or 7%.


The Australian government pays the bulk of aged care in Australia, but with all aged care services. You may be asked by your service provider to contribute towards the cost of care that some people may be required to pay.


Some facilities provide “extra services”. This means that the facility offers a higher standard of accommodation, food or services. ie wine with dinner, a choice of meals , hairdressing facilities,larger room, superior décor. It does not mean a higher standard of care is offered. All facilities must meet the same care standards.


Respite is when facilities provide short term care. This is normally used to give a carer a break but can also be used when a carer becomes ill or needs time off for a hospital stay. Unofficially it can be used to test out the facility to see if your elderly Mother and/ or Father like living there. The cost is only the Basic Daily Care Fee.

Finding the right place for your parent or Placement

At Sovereign Advice we will find your parent/s the right Age Care Facility. We find out your requirements eg private room with own ensuite or two adjoining rooms and which suburb . Then we will suggest you look at 3 or 4 facilities. Sovereign Advice then perform the placement by negotiating with the chosen facility or if urgent the one with a vacancy which still meets you requirements.

Our experienced Age Care Advisers have expertise across the health and Aged Care systems and will work with you to make it easy for you. Sovereign Advice Age Care Advisers are available to meet you at your home, work, or parent’s home or our offices.

Most importantly we work very quickly to come up with an appropriate Age Care Facility in a room suitable to you and you parent/s. We prepare our Age Care Strategy Report quickly so the family can decide the best option for them and their loved one.

We do offer after hours and weekend appointments as we realise you are busy.

  • At Sovereign Advice we understand the admission process of aged care facilities
  • Our Advisers have extensive experience in working with older people or their family

Our Service includes:

  • Meeting with the family or a family member to find out the present heath and financial situation of the person going into Aged Care
  • Locating a suitable room within a suitable Age Care Facility
  • Our Age Care Advisers will complete all the paperwork necessary for placement into Age Care including Application Forms, dealing with Centrelink/DVA and asset and income forms
  • Ongoing advice and attention until 6 weeks after your loved one has entered a suitable Age Care facility
  • Family mediation and counselling for family disputes and complex issues



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